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Tony Santana is a 3rd generation American Cuban. Tony’s grandparents and relatives fled Cuba when Castro took over. Tony dedicated himself in continuing his families’ heritage which spans three generations of business integrity, from as far away as Cuba, Italy, Mexico and Spain. Beside learning about his native cultural background both in the Linguistic and culinary sense, Tony had also explored as young man the science of Horticulture of tobacco leaves, then becoming an expert in cigar rolling techniques and finally to a Master tobacco blender. Tony enjoys his passion of developing unique and special blends but above all sharing them with the general public. His creations can only be found through The Boulevard Cigar Shop and Website. Keep an eye out for the new premium line of Santana Cigars!

Frankie instead, is a 3rd generation American Italian. While living in Italy he discovered a whole new world and traveled extensively throughout Italy and its neighboring countries. Working as an Italian/English translator and interpreter for various Companies he, in the meantime, obtained a Medical and Surgical Degree from the University of Bologna, Italy. Two weeks after Frankie’s return to the U.S.A. his Mother passes.  Frankie became very disappointed with the whole American Health Care System and abandoned of ever becoming a practicing M.D. Instead he decided to pursue another passion. This passion was borne from a very early age thanks to his Grandfather who surrounded him with love, laughter and yes of course with cigars. Frankie came to love and appreciate everything that had to do with cigars and its life style. So he pursued this passion and became a tobacconist.

Both Frankie Cavalieri and Tony Santana of the Boulevard Cigar Shop have a wealth of experience in the tobacco industry. Together they have formed a dynamic team that brings you the very best of cigar enjoyment. They are always either at the store, expos, weddings, festivals, or cigar dinner parties. So come in and join our world, explore all we have to offer.

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