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Greeting Cigar Lovers Welcome to Boulevard Cigar Shop, For several years now the smoking public has come to enjoy a large variety of cigars. At  the Boulevard Cigar Shop we specialize in making different blends unique to satisfy individual palates.

We believe that making a custom blend cigar for individuals adds to the growth and awareness of the cigar connoisseur. We understand the passion of why you smoke and more importantly, recognize the pleasures of a good cigar.
Understanding the level of quality that you deserve and the commitment and obligation you deserve, we stand proud in bringing you the very best in tobacco and special gift products.

We enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge on all the products we offer. We welcome any suggestions and ideas in helping us serve you better. We will answer all email’s in a timing fashion and invite you to continue your correspondence to us.

Boulevard Cigar Shop
638 Fischer Blvd ....Toms River, NJ 08753 | 732-288-2744
Mon-Fri: 11a- 8pm | Sat: 11am-9pm | Sun: 11am-5pm

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